Renowned teaching staff

inspirational artists

Teaching excellence – excellent teachers

We are an exclusive educational institution that has had its role in creating some of the most prestigious
world-class events such as the International Chopin Piano Competition, held in Warsaw every five years, with
our teacher, Professor Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń being Head of the Jury, or the International Paderewski Piano
Competition, held in Bydgoszcz every three years, which we co-organize.
Our professors are renowned musicians who not only excel artistically in public performance, but are also here
to help you boost your creativity and make the best of your abilities. Among our graduates are such acclaimed
instrumentalists as Mariusz Patyra (1st Prize in the International Violin Competition ‘Premio Niccolo Paganini’,
2001), Rafał Blechacz (1st Prize in the International Chopin Piano Competition, 2005), or Szymon Nehring (1st
Prize in the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition, 2017).
Our strength lies in individualized methods and creative solution making in both our pedagogical and artistic